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A series of experiment I did in Houdini.

This is a Houdini R&D project with the purpose of testing the vellum hair system in Houdini.

Besides the simulation, I also utilized MOPS to drive the color of the material.

my role
I did everything expect rocks modeling.
the process

Tool : Houdini, MOPS, Redshift.

The three stages of the simulation.

The color palette I use.

Trying to integrate some contrasty color scheme.

Coral Palette.png

I did this project with the purpose of combining simulation and product. I've done a personal project about YSL purfume a while ago, but couldn't nail the "perfume swimming in rocks" effect.

After I started exploring houdini, I found it really easy to this kind of rigid body simulation.

And shout out to Nick Medukha for his amazing tutorial.

My role

I did everything except purfume and rocks modeling.

The process

Tool I use : Houdini, Redshift, MOPS

The three stages of creating the rock swimming effect.
Left: Still frame of the original idea.
Right: Same setup but with coffee beans.

This is an experiment of the Vellum tool in Houdini.

I want to see how normal softbody object and fluid object and work together, and also try out some interesting look fluid shader.

my role

I did everything except the fruit modeling.

the styleframe
the process
different stages of simulation.
The breakdown video i posted on social media.
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