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HI! I'm john!

I'm a Freelance Motion Design Generalist

Aka A Guy Who Makes Cool Animation


Who i am

I'm John, a Freelance Motion Designer Based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have currently 2 years experiences in doing motion design.

What I Do.jpg

What i do

I love doing product related animation,

Which includes styleframe, animation, lighting, FX.

And I also like to experiment with some abstract R&D stuff.(See more at JBOARD)

What i don't do

Mega Explosion FX, Complex Modeling,

Hand Drawing Animation.

What I Do.jpg

How i do it

My toolkit includes Cinema 4D, Houdini and Redshift.

And I also use Blender to do some modeling and simple Character Animation.


where i do it

I prefer working remotely. And I'm located in Taipei, Taiwan. Which is in the GMT+8 timezone.

12 hours ahead of EST
16 hours ahead of PST

And my working hours are adaptable

(still need to sleep though )


5 Fun facts about me

1. I love cats

2. I'm a big MEMEr( see me on Twitter )

3. My dream is to take care of the pinguins at the zoo

4. I got weird dreams all the time

5. I added the fifth fact just to make the title sounds super cool 

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