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Digital Garden

A series of plant R&D done in Houdini.

This project, conducted as part of a R&D within Houdini, aims to explore the feasibility of setting up plant animations procedurally.

my role

I did everything including procedural modeling, lighting, texturing and procedural animation.

Selected artwork

I undertook this project in early 2024 to broaden my understanding of Houdini. With the knowledge I had acquired over the previous six months, I felt quite confident embarking on this project. Initially, I began by creating a flower petal procedurally from scratch, then I learned how to implement a growth effect, which added more vitality to the piece. The R&D conducted throughout this project employed similar techniques, just executed in varied ways.

other Styleframes
Technical Process

I crafted this petal to be fully procedural, allowing for adjustments in its shape, bendiness, and color through the use of ramps and sliders. This feature proves particularly useful when creating procedural blooming animations.

The blooming animation was designed to be semi-procedural, leveraging vellum simulation to avoid overlapping geometry.

I distributed and positioned the points using Point VOP and employed Vladyslav Lavrenov's method to generate the animation with offsets.

This method aligns with the procedural petal approach, yet the plant bends based on its position along the curve (curveu attribute).

The procedural fern represents a culmination of all the techniques I've mastered during this project, including procedural modeling, leaf scattering, procedural rig control, and growth animation. It serves as a comprehensive summary of the month's learnings. The knowledge gained from this project is invaluable, and I am committed to continuing my exploration in the field.


2024/01/01 - 2024/01/31

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