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Mentorship Project

A mentorship project I did with my mentor Nidia Dias.

This is a mentorship project I did with the art director Nidia Dias.

The purpose was to practice the pipeline of a product animation.

my role

I did everything except the asset modeling.

The Process

The concept of this animation focuses on showcasing the functionality and comfort of the XM5 headphones, set against the backdrop of a bustling office environment. It highlights how, with the activation of the noise cancellation feature, all background noise is seamlessly eliminated. This allows the wearer to concentrate fully and enjoy their work without any distractions.

This image presents a side-by-side comparison of the environment's evolution. Initially, I opted for a sunset hue, but following advice from my mentor, I shifted towards a more memorable color scheme. Consequently, I adjusted the environment to feature a blue color palette.

the styleframe

From 2023/04/28 - 2023/07/01


Styleframe : John Hou.

Animation : John Hou.

Lighting : John Hou.

Mentor : Nidia Dias.

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